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A knitted smartphone holder

Download our free knitted smartphone holder pattern here. Read more about its background and purpose below.

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Smartphones have changed the way we socialise, use our hands, navigate cities, walk (slower!), learn new skills, pay attention and record the details of our lives. While some celebrate this technology, others despise it. Regardless, there is no use denying that the world now uses smartphones to communicate, do work, make plans, entertain, and that while doing all this a lot of data is being collected.

This Knitted Data Smartphone Holder raises awareness of screentime use and background data collection, while also offering a cosy way to limit unwanted distractions from the device. It is a critical reflection on emerging trends in smartphone use through craft, building on the work of data activists promoting greater awareness and ownership of data practices and craftivists who advocate for gentle, craft-driven means of change.

During the pandemic I noticed that I both relied on my phone more, but also found it a source of inspiration and connection. I wanted to take more ownership of this tool that led to such different ways of noticing. As part of a knitting collective at my work, we started to document our screen time data and knitted our results. I borrowed my husband’s fitness watch and collected my active minutes and sleep data too. This is a mini-version of my contribution to the project for your own personal use. My hope is that it prompts a more intimate, considered and mindful relationship with data and your smartphone. Please share widely and redesign to suit your own ideas and needs.

– Anna Harris

MCS knitted smartphone holder

A guide to making videos

Historian Paul Craddock ran a workshop on filmmaking at one of our fieldsites, the Skillslab, about how to incorporate film in teaching and research in medical education. You can download the workbook for this workshop here.

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Invitation in Dutch

We zullen stilstaan bij de verschillende manieren om video te gebruiken in academische context. Waarom zou je je als academicus met het maken van filmmateriaal bezig willen houden? Wat heb je eraan? Wat zijn de mogelijkheden?

Vervolgens zal Paul ons een aantal tips geven m.b.t. filmen (met name compositie en interviewen). Als er tijd is zullen we dit zelf ook uit gaan proberen. Daarna zullen we in kleine groepjes bespreken en experimenteren hoe het gebruik van video bruikbaar zou kunnen zijn voor de aanwezigen.

Omdat we beperkte tijd hebben zullen we weinig tijd besteden aan het daadwerkelijk editen van videomateriaal. Degenen die dat interessant vinden, hebben de mogelijkheid om met Paul apart nog een afspraak te maken om dit te leren.

Sensory education cards