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Working with bias

written by Anna Harris

One of the first open access articles from our project has been published: “Working on the bias” by Anna Harris, in Perspectives on Medical Education.

The invited commentary deals with questions of subjectivity, bias and methodology using sartorial analogies.

Thumbnail image By PKM at the English language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0



“I used to make my own clothes, including neckties. With my friend and fellow medical student Mimi, we bought silk and learned how to make ties which we sold to other medical students needing to look more professional in the eyes of patients and the doctors teaching and assessing them. When making ties we learned to work on ‘the bias’. This means working with fabrics against the grain, or obliquely. This is done in tie-making, and in other forms of tailoring and sewing, so that the garment hangs in a particular way. Clothes made on the bias are more giving, flexible and fluid……”  Read more