We are very lucky to have many wonderful people, research groups, and organisations, with whom we are in conversation about shared interests and questions, and who continue to inspire us.

FASoS Ethnography Group

Along with Annika Richterich, Anna organises the FASoS (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences) ethnography group, at Maastricht University. Each month members meet to discuss ethnographic concerns, often while eating, walking or making. You can find our activities last year here.

Marres House for Contemporary Culture

For some years we have been working in collaboration with Valentijn Byvanck, director of local Maastricht Marres House for Contemporary Culture, and his wonderful staff, to think further about the ways in which we train our senses. We have been involved for example in their Training the Senses lecture series, in expert group discussions with guests such as Tim Ingold and Natasha Myers, and more recently, in an elective for medical students.

Kaisu Koski

Dr Kaisu Koski is a Finnish artist and researcher, based in the Netherlands. In 2007 Kaisu earned her doctoral degree by defending her dissertation on interactive performances at the University of Lapland. Since 2010 Kaisu has been affiliated with the Research Centre Performative Processes in the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht. Kaisu’s artistic practice is intertwined with academic research, focusing on the dialogue between art and medicine, and the methodology of arts-based research. Her website is http://www.kaisukoski.com/

SHE Globalization research group

Since last year we have been attending meetings of the School of Health Professional Education Globalization reading group. The group is organised by Janneke Frambach and is part of the SHE Research in Education programme. So far we have had discussions on ethnographies of medical schools in the Global South (led by Andrea Wojcik) and the implementation of new curricula across different international medical school contexts.

Sven Dupré and the ARTECHNE team

Led by Sven Dupré, Professor and Chair of History of Art, Science and Technology at Utrecht University, and Professor of History of Art, Science and Technology at the University of Amsterdam (Conservation & Restoration), the wonderful ARTECHNE team have embarked together on an inspiring project – writing a long-term history of the theory and practice of the study of ‘technique’ in the visual and decorative arts between 1500 and 1950.

Erik Rietveld and RAAAF

Erik Reitveld is a philosopher of cognitive science, specialized in enactive or embodied cognition. His niche is the philosophy of skillful unreflective action. His research is organized around three main themes: the philosophy of skilled action, affordance-based design in architecture, and the phenomenology of patients with Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS). We have been inspired by conversations with Erik and members of his Vidi and ERC project teams based in Amsterdam, including meetings at his incredible RAAAF architectural installations.

Reconstruction, Re-enactment and Replication network

The RRR Network is an interdisciplinary and international network of researchers, curators, and artists employing performative methods in the humanities and social sciences. It was established as an outcome of the NIAS Lorentz Workshop, organized by Sven Dupré, Anna Harris, Julia Kursell, Patricia Lulof, Maartje Stols-Witlox, in June 2017, and is open for membership to all researchers with an interest in performative methods. More information can be found here.